Since HomeDash is fully compatible to the Apple HomeKit standard, all HomeKit enabled devices are supported. The device specific features that can be controlled by HomeDash depend on the actual HomeKit implementation of the manufacturer. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that all device features are currently available within the HomeDash app.

Compatibility to the following devices has been extensively tested and verified during the development of HomeDash :

Elgato Eve
  • Elgato Eve Energy
  • Elgato Eve Door & Window
  • Elgato Eve Weather
  • Elgato Eve Room

  • Parce One

Philips Hue (Philips HomeKit bridge required)
  • Living Colors Gen 2
  • Living Colors Gen 3 (Iris)
  • Living Colors Bloom
  • Living Colors Aura
  • Hue bulb A19
  • Hue bulb A19 Lux
  • Hue bulb A19 White Ambience
  • Hue spot BR30
  • Hue spot GU10
  • Hue LightStrips
  • Hue LightStrips Plus
  • Hue Go
  • Hue Beyond Table
  • Hue Beyond Pendant
  • Hue Beyond Ceiling
  • Hue Entity Table
  • Hue Entity Pendant
  • Hue Impulse Table
  • Hue Impulse Pendant
  • Hue Phoenix Centerpiece
  • Hue Phoenix Ceiling
  • Hue Phoenix Pendant
  • Hue Phoenix Downlight
  • Disney Living Colors